Tracking Covid-19 effects in the Statista Global Consumer Survey

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In 2018 we published the first data from our Global Consumer Survey, a survey that we are conducting in 56 countries and territories in 2021. When the corona crisis hit last year, we had just started fieldwork in more than 25 countries. What impact would the crisis have on response and consumption behavior in different countries? In this article I want to showcase some exemplary results but also point you to some cliffs that need to be avoided when analyzing the Covid-19 effect in tracker studies.

Tracking the cornerstones of the crisis

A change in perspectives: public attention shifts from climate change to health and social security

Consumption behavior: digital entertainment services are winning

Admittedly, there was a trend towards increasing payed usage even before Covid, but the leaps in our data seem to be in line with press releases from Netflix and other sources. In April 2020 the NY Times wrote “Netflix has become one of the nation’s all-around distractions, acting as both a supercharged nanny and a nightly balm during the coronavirus crisis.”, stating that Netflix added nearly 16 million new subscribers in the first three months of the year (source: ‘Everyone You Know Just Signed Up for Netflix’,, April 21, 2020).

Tracker studies need short-cycle quota control

One of our key findings from working with a tracker study during the pandemic was: in times of rapidly changing conditions, tracker studies like ours need even more granular and short-cycle quota control; setting quotas quarterly or monthly is no longer sufficient if tracker studies are not to lose their predictive power.

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